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​How Long Should Your Baby's Flash Card Lesson Be?

When you teach your baby or toddler at home, always remember...

"Always stop before your child wants to stop" - Glenn Doman Method.

When your child is new or first time having fun with his "baby flash cards" lessons, make sure the lesson is as short as possible.

It is very important to observe your child, and estimate when you think your child wants to stop.

The idea is not to get your child to be bored.

Every lesson got to be fun.

What do you mean FUN when it comes to teaching your baby or toddler?

Usually, when it comes to teaching in school, every student got to be quiet, follow orders, and be serious.

That type of learning environment does not encourage your child to learn, and he will think will learning is boring.

To make your baby's lessons FUN, you have to make his lessons like "playtime", or "fun time".


Not every day is the same, there are days your child doesn't want to see his flashcards.

Never force your child to see his flashcards. Choose the right time and environment with the least distractions.

"As long as you keep the flashcard lessons FUN, short and always stop before he asks to stop. You doing OK!" - Steve Selwood, Program Director (

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