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3 Ways How Your Baby Can Be Intelligent

From a compilation of the right brain education (Shichida Method, Heguru Education and Glenn Doman Method), there are three ways to train your baby's brainpower. As parents here are ways how you can raise a smart baby and build your child's brainpower.

1. Start early

Many researchers agree that the earlier you start teaching your baby or toddler, the more they are ahead in school and in life.

Learning is not just about academics. It is also about training your child to be creative, be a faster learner, able to develop problem-solving skills and improve learning ability.

2. Learning Mathematics

Math is an essential skill that teaches your child to mentally think and develop problem-solving skills.

When your child does their math, he learns to mentally visualise the numbers and equations to compute the answers.

Math is a mental skill. Math teaches your child to visualise and think.

3. Encyclopedic Knowledge

With the knowledge your child acquires, he can put it to practice and become intelligent.

Expose your child to science, geography, history, culture and general knowledge.

Without knowledge, there can be no intelligence.

Your child can be intelligent.

Here is the formula for intelligence:

Start early + Develop encyclopaedic knowledge + Develop math skills = Improve intelligence

Build your child's brainpower and raise a smarter baby. You may consider looking at starting your baby’s right brain education math program with the 178 Days Math Dots Program.

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