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How To Flash Cards To Your Baby/Toddler

Do you show each flash card slowly or fast? If you have a flash card of an "Apple", do you read out slowly or quickly?

It seems logical to show the cards slowly so your baby can see the picture and absorb the information.

The early education pioneers like Glenn Doman, Shichida Method, and Heguru, recommend you to flash the cards at high speed.

Glenn Doman Method, who uses flash cards as their main learning material, suggest that you flash as fast as you can.

The well-known right brain school, like Shichida and Heguru, will flash about 0.5 seconds per flash card.

We would recommend you to flash the card at high speed because we have not come across any established early learning schools that suggested to flash slowly.

Discover the types of flash cards for your baby or toddler you can use.

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