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The Best Right Brain Flash Cards You Should Buy For Your Baby

Don't buy your baby flash cards yet...

Here is a list of "Right Brain Education Flashcards" you want to get, to teach your baby or toddler right brain education at home or online. These right brain training flash cards are suitable for 3 months to 1, 2 and 3 years old.

Below is the essential list of subjects, programs or topics you can teach flash cards for babies or toddlers. You baby can learn,

1. Colour (red, greed, yellow...)

2. Shape (square, circle, triangle, rectangular...)

3. Size (big, small...)

4. Numbers (1,2,3 and red dots)

5. Volume (many, much, few, and a little)

6. Space recognition (front, back, up and down)

7. Order (first, second, third...)

8. Comparison (big, small, tall, short,...)

9. Time (now, before, today...)

10. Money (how much?...)

11. General knowledge (Science, geography...)

12. Learning to read (phonics reading, sight words, most common words...)

13. Photographic memory puzzles

14. Mandala Memory

15. Tangram.

What are the benefits for babies or toddlers using right brain education flashcards?

1. Improve "Encyclopedic Knowledge".

2. Increase vocabulary skills.

3. Learn Math (quantity recognition, equation and numerals).

4. Improve Memory retention.

5. Improve attention span.

How many flash cards do you need to teach?

For example, if you show 50 flash cards per week. In 1 month, that will be 200 flash cards.

After 1 year, it will be 2,400 flash cards. If you use flash cards to teach your child for 3 years. It will be 7,200 flash cards.

Where can you get the best right brain flash cards?

You can either "Do It Yourself" or buy the flash cards online or others.

However, the best baby flash cards should be attractive, and the topics should be interesting. To get the best library of "unique and no repeats" flash cards can be challenging but not impossible. You should consider buying online.

When it comes to looking for math flash cards for babies, you got to look for a suitable math program. Learning math is a process, and there is a curriculum to follow. Discover a proper complete baby math dots flash cards program that is good for your child.

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