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Best Types Of Baby Flash Cards For Your Baby's Home Lesson?

Based on the Right Brain Education Method, here is the "Best" list of baby flash cards and materials you need:

  1. Math Dots and Numeral flashcards (quantity recognition, addition, subtraction, and multiplication)

  2. Picture flashcards (Encyclopedia cards, Vocabulary, Science, Geography and others)

  3. Phonics and Sight Words flashcards

These 3 cover your baby or toddler’s math, reading and encyclopaedic knowledge. In addition to that, the Right Brain Education Method will have EXTRA right brain memory exercises to add to your baby's flashcard lessons at home, for example:

  1. Mandala Memory Puzzles

  2. Peg Memory

  3. Photo Image Exercises

  4. Speed Reading

  5. Right Brain Memory Games/Puzzles

How can you get all your baby's flash cards?

  1. Make or DIY your own flash cards

  2. Buy flashcards

Today, you can buy very nice flashcard materials for your baby online. It may cost you some dollars and cents. But the good side is, that it saves you time on preparing the materials and you have more quality time with your baby. RightBrainBaby.Com have right brain education programs for your baby. Take a look at our math baby flash cards program.

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