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3 Types of Glenn Doman Flash Cards For Sale (To Buy)

When you want to teach your baby using Glenn Doman Method products or programs, flash cards are the main learning materials used.

The Glenn Doman Method flash cards/materials (online or physical) consist of:

  1. "How To Teach Your Baby Math" kit - Red dot flash cards and numeral flash cards (1,2,3...).

  2. "How To Teach Your Baby To Read" program - Word flash cards.

  3. "How To Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge" kit - Picture and word flash cards.

Here are more details on how to use Glenn Doman Method flash cards.

1. Math Flash Cards (Red Dots and Numerals)

Also known as the Glenn Doman Math kit, the flashcards that you need are red dots flash cards and numeral flash cards. Doman believes you should start with dots flash cards because the dots represent the "true value". Where else, numerals like 1,2,3 are symbols that represent the true value.

For example, if you take a flashcard with the number "6" on the card, it is just a symbol. If you take a card with 6 "red" dots, your child is able to quantify.

That is the reason why dots are taught first. These types of flashcards are sometimes called "red dot flash cards", "right brain math flash cards" or math dot flash cards for babies and toddlers.

In Doman's Math Program, your baby or toddler will also learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and many more mathematical games. You may discover more about Doman's math method here.

2. Reading Flash Cards

When it comes to Glenn Doman's reading kit/method, your baby will have to go through a learning process.

You start teaching your baby "Single words", then you move on to two words which are called "Couplets".

Then you move on to teach phrases, sentences and lastly books.

  • "SIngle Words" consist of objects (animals, food, things around the house), action (running, eating, climbing...)

  • "Couplets" are two words like "yellow bus", "red apple", and "brown shoes".

  • "Phrases" are like "Mommy is jumping", "Daddy is driving" and "the dog is eating"

  • Then you move on to make sentences and lastly introduce books with single sentences and more.

You will need to get large cards with big and clear words on the flash cards.

When using Glenn Doman reading flashcard method, the cards have no pictures, only words.

I would highly recommend you to get Glenn Doman's book (How To Teach Your Baby To Read).

3. Bits of intelligence Or Encyclopedic Knowledge Cards

These are picture flashcards with words behind the cards.

The purpose is to store knowledge in the brain, which Doman calls "The Knowledge Base".

Knowledge itself does not constitute intelligence.

However, without knowledge, there can be no intelligence.

At a very young age, babies should learn facts, which Doman calls "Bits Of Intelligence". This is to build an encyclopedic knowledge base, the foundation for intelligence.

So, facts that are added up, become "encyclopedic knowledge".

Your child's "bits of Intelligence" or encyclopedic knowledge cards can be flashcard topics on

  1. Geography.

  2. History.

  3. Biology.

  4. Mathematics

  5. Physiology

  6. General Science.

  7. Languages

  8. Many others.

The Doman method believes it is easier to teach a one-year-old than to teach a six-year-old child. He encourages parents to start teaching their babies as soon as possible.

At, there are early learning online programs for your baby or toddler. Discover how these programs benefit children from the age of 1 to 7 years old.

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