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How To Teach Your Baby Math Using Right Brain Education Method

Math flash cards are the best way to teach your baby math.

In this article we talk about the benefits of starting your baby or toddler's math program early and what should you teach your baby.

Your baby or toddler needs to start learning math as early as possible.

Why teach your baby/toddler math?

  1. Problem-solving Skills

  2. To Learn to Tell the Time

  3. Promote the Awareness of Counting and Saving Money

  4. Good for your Child’s Brain Development

  5. Do Better in School because Many Subjects Require Math Skills.

The best way to get ahead in their education & life is to start math during their early years.

At what age you can start your child’s math education program?

The best age is from a few months old to 3 years old.

How do you teach an infant (baby and toddler) math?

There are 3 math activities you can do at home:

  • Math Dots Flash Cards Program (dots and numerals, real value, and equations).

  • Songs that Teach Math. (addition, subtraction and multiplication)

  • Math Games like Educational Math Toys, Puzzles and like Stacking Toy Cups, Wooden Blocks, Abacus, and LEGO. (Make sure you get age-appropriate math toys for your child)

The younger your child, the easier it is to teach math.

“The best thing parents can do is be engaged with their children in everyday activities. Talk to them about numbers, about the toys in the playroom - about anything at all. For a baby, every experience is a learning opportunity... and engaged infants become engaged children”

- Lisa Feigenson, PhD, of the Laboratory for Child Development at John Hopkins University

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