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​Teaching Babies Early Math Skills (Numbers, Numerals and Digits)

How to teach your baby or toddler math, do you show "numbers" first or "numerals"?

Let's look at why you should start with "numbers" first?


"Number" can also be referred to as "true value".

A "number" is a count or measurement that is an image in our mind.

When you write or talk about numbers you can use "numerals" such as "6" or "six". You can also show an image of 6 red dots on a flash card or 6 apples on a plate.

These are the possible ways you can show the numbers/real value.


A numeral is a symbol or a name that stands for a number.

For example, 1 or 28 or sixteen are all numerals.


A "digit" is a single symbol used to make numerals.

For example, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 are the symbols used to make up all the numerals.

More example, the numeral 38 is made up of 2 digits ("3" and "8").

When you teach your baby or toddler math, you start with numbers (red dots flash cards) and NOT numerals.

Next Question?

When do you teach mathematical symbols like "+", "-", "X" and others?

You can teach "numbers" and mathematical symbols at the same time or later. The Glenn Doman Method "How To Teach Your Baby Math" program and the Shichida 63 and 65-day math program do not teach mathematical symbols with numerals.

Perhaps you can teach "numbers" and mathematical symbols much later. Most important is to start with "Numbers"/Red Dots flash cards first.

Take a look at our 178 Days Math Program for more details on the steps on how to teach your baby or toddler math.

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