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178 Day Right Brain Math Dot Flash Cards Program

The ORIGINAL & COMPLETE Right Brain Math Red Dot and Numbers Math Flashcards Program for your baby/toddler

The Complete Right Brain Math Program

When it comes to teaching your child, I would prefer to stick to a method that is proven and has been around for many years. 
Introducing the Original "178 Days Right Brain Math Dots Flash Cards Program". The program is ONLY suitable for 6 months old to 3+ year olds.
This right brain math program uses a proven and reliable right brain education method and is used by parents around the world. This method has been used since the 1960s and is still being taught today.

This easy-to-use program is the most complete math red dots & numbers flashcard program designed for babies and toddlers with a proper day-to-day curriculum.


The 178 Days Right Brain Education Maths Red Dot Flash Cards Program.
Simple & Straight forward. No need to DIY and organize your child's daily math lessons.
This math program is a "Click & Play" video-based online math program.
It is so easy to use.
Just click the daily lesson & teach.



Save hundreds of hours of your time.
Instead of making, printing, designing, preparing, and organizing your flashcard lessons every day.
With this program, EVERYTHING is ready for you.
You get a "Day to Day" curriculum to follow. 
Arranged daily math lessons are all in video format.
Click, and Play the video math dots daily lessons.
3 math dots lessons a day.
Each lesson less than one minute.
178 Days of Math lessons


Your baby/toddler's Complete 178 days math curriculum:
1. Number Perception/True Value (Dots).
2. Expanding Number Perception.
3. Equations (Dots)- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.
4. Problem-Solving.
5. The Order of Operations.
6. Numeral (1,2,3...).
7. Equation with Numerals - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Multitudinous Equations (longer equations with brackets).


What parents say about the 178 Days Right Brain

Math Dots Flash Card Program?

“Before I signed up for your program, I tried to make my own math red dots cards following Glenn Doman's book "How To Teach Your Baby Math". I find it quite impossible to do it on my own. You need thousands of red dot stickers and figure out what daily lessons to create. Very tedious and time-consuming. After all the preparation, I am already so tired to teach my daughter. I love your program very much, everything has been prepared for me to teach. Thx.”
- Geraldine Marie Tan (Singapore)
“Hi, I got to know your mathematics program from my aunty, who is a preschool teacher. She highly recommends I sign up for this program for my son. I am very impressed. It is like having a math class at home. The course is very structured and has a proper curriculum.”
- Valeria Oliverus (USA)
“I have already recommended this math dots program to a few friends. After looking at all the baby math programs available, this is the best and most comprehensive math dots program. It is a must-have.”
- Linda Bernel (Australia)


“Thank you for doing a great job. It is the only online math class my toddler needs. Looking forward to other educational programs you have. This is the best math flash cards program. I will definitely recommend my friends. Thank you.”
- Hossien (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
"After reviewing all the math flash cards for my toddler, I am glad I made the right choice. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, it is very confusing because there are so many flash card courses. I want a course that has a proper step-by-step curriculum. This math program is very easy to use. A big thumbs up!
- Swathy (Chennai, India)   


Why Should You Start Your Child's Math Program Early?

According to Glenn Doman (How To Teach Your Baby Math),
"It is easier to teach a 1-year-old than a 3-year-old and teaching a 3-year-old is easier than a 5-year-old".
The earlier, the easier to teach.
Mathematics develop your child's:
1. Power of reasoning.
2. Critical thinking.
3. Problem-solving skills.
4. Analytical thinking.
5. Creativity, abstract or spatial thinking.
Mathematics is an essential intellectual skill to develop in your child's education, career, business, and life. This program will give your child a solid foundation in his early math skills.



This 178 Days Right Brain Math Dots Flash Cards Program aims to benefit your child through:
1. Introducing mathematics at an early age
2. Sharpen concentration and focus
3. Build confidence and self-esteem
4. Develop photographic memory skills (right brain skills)
5. Improve problem-solving skills

"Your child's 178 Days Math Program takes exactly 178 days to complete. This is because it takes that long to complete every single variation and possible combination of math quantity recognition, and equations in math dots and numerals.

This math program is made easy for you to teach your child. I am sure your child will have FUN learning math.    

- Steve Selwood (Program Director)

The 178 days Math Program comes with ...

  1. 178 days of math lessons (3 lessons a day) in video format.
  2. This program cover math dots and numerals (1, 2, 3...) and equations (+, -. ×, and ÷).
  3. Math flash card quiz (problem-solving math flash cards).
  4. Certificate of completion.

  • When does the flashcard program start and finish?
    This program takes 178 days to complete. You may let your child repeat the program again. There are 3 lessons in a day. Each lesson takes around 1 minute to complete.
  • What is the prerequisite to join?
    This math program is ONLY suitable for 6 months old to 3+ year olds.
  • How long do I have access to the program?
    There is no expiry date. You have a lifetime of unlimited access to the program.
  • Is the math program printable?
    No. There is no printing, organising and storing. The video math lessons are made to be easy and convenient to use. There will be 3 lessons a day. Each lesson is less than one minute. Login, click the lesson and play the video, that's it.
  • 178 Days Right Brain Math Dots Flash Cards Program vs others.
    Other math program provides you with materials, and you have to create your own program. That’s ok if you are teaching reading or encyclopedic knowledge. The math program has to be structured and must come with a proper curriculum. When you buy the 178 Days Math program, it is a complete program, simple to use and very convenient. Your baby only needs to follow the curriculum. Plus, the right brain math program covers all the variations of math dots and numerals flashcard topics. This is a complete math flash cards program. You do not need to invest in any math flashcards anymore. It's all here. Just select the prepared lesson and teach.
  • How is my baby able to see so many dots and knows the quantity of dots on the flash cards?
    All young kids are able to subitize. It is the ability to look at a group of objects at a glance and determine the quality. Adults averagely can subitize a group of 5 to 6 objects. If you give a baby or toddler a group of 56 red dots, they instantly see 56 dots on the flashcard. They do not need to count. They just see the 56 dots.
  • What will my child learn?
    Your child will learn quantity recognition, equations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication), numerals, mathematical symbols and a lot more. If you are looking for a math dots flash cards program, this is the only program you ever need. Nothing is left out. Everything is here.
  • Does the program come with instructions?
    Yes, instructions are provided. We have made it very easy and convenient for you to teach your baby or toddler. Just follow the simple few steps we have provided.
  • Do you have a 30 days money back guarantee?
    You have no obigations. If you are unsatisfied with the program, contact us within 30 days, and we will give you a full refund.
  • I have questions to ask, will I get any support?"
    We have made the 178 Day Math Program so easy and convenient to use. However, if you have any questions, you can email us at the bottom of the page. We are always here to support you. You are all covered.
  • How Do I Join The Program?
    Go the bottom of the page and you will see a button "JOIN NOW at ONLY $63". Join now before the price increase.

Click the "JOIN NOW" To Start the Program

178 days math red dots flash cards program
178 Day Right Brain Math Dots Flashcards Program
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178 Days Math "Dots & Numbers Flash Cards" Program

The Most Complete Right Brain Math Flash Cards Program. Teach your baby or toddler addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. These baby flash cards use the Right Brain Education method (Glenn Doman Method, Shichida Method and Heguru Method).

* Special offer at $63. Original price at $99. Don't miss this offer.

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