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What is the Right Brain Education Method? (for babies and toddlers)

"Right Brain Education" is a training method or brain development program that is for babies or toddlers aged 4 months old to 7 years old (and above).

The purpose of this training method is to expand the child's learning capabilities and brain development potential by providing the right training at an early age.

The best age to teach your child using this method is from 4 months old to 3 years old. The younger the child, the easier it is to teach.

You can teach your baby or toddler at home, online or send them to a proper right brain school.

The early learning program is a whole-brain training program that focuses on empathy, creativity, intuition, imaging, and photographic memory. The term "right brain education" is used to differentiate it from the conventional early learning method. When a child is 0 to 3 years old, the right side of the brain is the most dominant and the left brain only starts to develop from 3 years old. The right brain is known as the "image" or "creative" brain. The left brain is known as the "logic" brain. In the right brain education training program, for 0 to 3 years old, the more focus is on training the right side of the brain. The right brain schools that use this method are the Shichida Method, Heguru Education, and Glenn Doman Method. There are 4 core learning areas of the right brain education program.

  1. Mental Mathematic.

  2. Photographic Memory.

  3. Problem Solving.

  4. Speed Reading

The right brain classes are around 45 to 60 minutes per class and once a week. Parents are also highly encouraged to practice right brain exercises at home every day. Materials that are used to teach at home are:

  • Flash cards (math dots, numerals, picture/word)

  • Memory puzzles: Mandala, peg memory, linking memory, and photographic memory puzzles.

  • Music/songs that teach, like math, alphabet songs, and other music activities.

  • Critical training exercises like mazes, puzzles, tangrams, and other memory puzzles.

If you are sending your child to any right brain classes, you have to practice these exercises at home. Children who do not have these classes near them can still learn the right brain method by buying the materials and learning how to teach. Right Brain Baby provides you with programs based on the right brain education method.

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