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How To Save on Your Baby or Toddler’s Early Learning Education

There are a lot of early learning programs in your area/city and also online.

Before you go enrolling your baby or toddler on these programs, let’s take a look at your options.

You do not want to spend money, and not get the essential learning experience you want your child to have.

Here are 3 ways you can save on your child’s learning program -

1. Online Learning Lessons - Sending your baby to an enrichment school or class can be very expensive. A “Right Brain Education” school may charge USD$180 per month (4 lessons in a month, each lesson is around 1.5 hours).

There are online home lesson programs for babies and toddlers that cost over USD$150 a year. You can do it in the comfort of your home. The child’s 1st teacher is the parents. While you teach your child, you have a better bonding with your baby.

2. Digital/printable Learning Program - DIY your own learning program can be time-consuming. You have to think about what to teach your child and look for learning materials to create. Joining an online program that has prepared for you the materials to learn or print saves you a lot of time and effort. Let the experts create and develop the program, and you use the program and save time.

3. Essential Baby Learning Programs - Get a program that is age-appropriate, and that is useful for your child. There are 3 critical learning areas your baby must learn. Math, reading, and developing encyclopedic knowledge. Preschools or kindergartens are focused on reading and fine motor skills and lack mathematics. Research has shown that your child’s math determines your child’s success in school. Get your baby to learn their math, and reading and develop encyclopedic knowledge. Your child will have a head start in school.

Today with so many established online early learning programs, you can teach your child at home. You not only save money but gain more time for yourself and with your child.

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