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Easy Tips to Make your Baby Flash Card Lessons Engaging and Fun

Before you start your child's "right brain education" lessons at home, here is a checklist to make your child learn better and effectively.

1. Make sure your child's surroundings have fewer distractions. For example, keep all her other toys away so she will focus on her flash card lesson.

2. Choose a time that your child prefers to see her flash cards. For example, your child's lesson could be before her playtime or before her meal. Observe and see which is the best time.

3. Your verbal and not non-verbal cues are essential. For example, when it comes to verbal cues, your voice must sound happy, excited, and enthusiastic. And for non-verbal cues, body language, gestures and facial expressions are important.

"Tone of voice, facial expression - we know babies are very tuned in to their mother's emotions", says Sara Waters, a Human Development researcher at the Washington State University.

Babies can pick up subtle signals indicating what their mothers are feeling.

Flash card lessons at home must be FUN. Both you and your child must enjoy the lessons.

Right Brain Baby provides you with programs based on the right brain education method.

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