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How Can My Baby Look at the Math Dots Flash Cards and Tell the Quantity of Dots?

Math dots flash cards
Can you look at the picture and immediately tell me how many dots? Answer is 5. OK, now try the next one.

Math dots flash cards
Now can you tell me how many dots there are? The answer is 56. A baby or toddler is able to quantify this group of red dots.

How can my baby look at the flash card and tell the quantity of dots on the flash cards?

All babies can subitize. And in fact we parents can do it too. Except babies are better than us.

We can look at a flash card with 6 to 8 dots, and we can instantly tell the quantity without counting them.

For babies, if you show 45 dots or 46 dots, babies can instantly see them.

Babies can subitize better than we adults.

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