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The Right Brain Math Audio

The Original Right Brain Education Math Audio Program

Right Brain Math Audio

Every kindergarten or preschools always include educational songs in their classroom activities. It is a proven, effective, and FUN way to teach babies and toddlers.
Right Brain Math Audio is specially composed for parents who want to teach their child math (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) using the right brain education method.


You get 60 downloadable math songs for your child to learn. This audio program is based on the right brain education method from the "Shichida Method and Heguru Education".


Your child will have lots of FUN learning addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Download the math songs and play them in your child's home lessons, in the car, or anywhere, anytime you like.

Why Right Brain Math Audio

  • Uses the proven right brain education method.
  • Specially composed for 1,2,3 years old to 7 years old.
  • The song is easy to sing along, repetitive, and easy for kids to remember their math.
  • Specially developed for the Shichida Method and Heguru Method home practice.
  • All kids learn better through music.
  • Your child will learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Click Below To Sample The Right Brain Math Audio

Addition +1Right Brain Math Audio

What parents say about the Math Audio Program

“Exactly what I have been looking for. I am now using these math audio songs as part of my daughter's Shichida flashcard lessons at home” - Michele Lim (Malaysia)
“My son, Mikhal is always asking me to play the math songs. He enjoys the songs very much. He is three years old, and he is learning his multiplications...” - Kathrene Kay. (Singapore)


“This is the best right brain product I have ever bought. My child loves the songs very much. Your team did a great job. The songs are enjoyable and catchy. Didn't realise math can be that fun.” - John Turner (Australia)


These math songs are specially composed according to the right brain education method. 
You will notice your child learning math quickly with its easy and catchy sing-along tunes.



How to use the Right Brain Math Audio

You can play these math songs together with your baby or toddler's flashcards lesson at home. Or you can play it in the car, at home, or anywhere you like.


Each song comes in two versions. The "Full Song" comes with the answers to the equations. The other "Problem Solving Song" comes without the answers, so your child can sing out the answers.


You can download the 60 song tracks and play them on any device.


Here is what you will get

Immediately get 60 downloadable songs (Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication).
30 Full math songs with answers and 30 "Problem Solving" math songs.
BONUS Printable "right brain" math flash cards to flash with the math songs
This audio math program follows the right brain training method (Shichida and Heguru Method).

What is the difference between Right Brain Math Audio and the other math songs

These are the Original Right Brain Math songs based on the Shichida Method. These songs are composed to be used in your "Right Brain" Home Lessons. The math songs are not merely to entertain your baby or toddler. It is an essential activity in your child's Shichida lessons (including all the other right brain schools).

How long do I have access to the Math Audio program

There is no expiry date. You can download the math songs whenever you want to. You have a lifetime, unlimited access to the program.

Can I use this audio program in my right brain activities at home

This audio math program is designed to be a part of the right brain education activities. It is suitable for your child practising their right brain education, Shichida Method or Heguru home practice. Make your child's lesson exciting and FUN.

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Right Brain Education Audio and  Math Flash Cards
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Right Brain Math Audio Program

Early learning math is fun for your baby or toddler through music at home or anywhere. Your child will learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication. A must right brain activities for Shichida Method" and "Heguru Method" lessons.

* Special offer at $19. Original price at $49. Don't wait, join now.

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